Club guide lines


Here are some simple guide lines that will apply to all members in order to keep us all safe & happy whilst riding together


  • Everyone must ride within their own limits.
  • When riding within built up areas such as towns & villages please respect the speed limit & locals. This also includes whilst at the group club house/pub. & campsites etc.
  • When riding as a group please ensure that you respect the group’s safety & other road users by riding in a safe manor.
  • Wheelies, stoppies and any other showing off will not be acceptable either on the road or at the club house.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your bike is legal and fit for the road.
  • When riding as a group, please keep a safe distance from the person in front and ride in a staggered formation when possible. Keeping the rider behind in your mirrors.
  • Do not overtake the bike in front of you unless safety or road conditions dictate this. And ride with your headlights on at all times. And please be aware of road conditions.


Please understand that guide lines for club ride-outs & club events are not created to criticize or undermine anyone’s experience, skills or abilities. Please consider that many riders are somewhat intimidated and reluctant to participate in a group ride out because they are not sure how it’s done or what is expected of them. Similarly, less experienced riders may be concerned about there capability or even those most experienced riders may be concerned about speed.


General Safety


Swan2wheels MCC wish to be thought of as a family  friendly club & wants members and their guests to enjoy ride-outs and club house events and remain incident free. Therefore, the club is committed to safety at all times, that is, we will Endeavour to minimize the risk of incidents or accidents to our members or visitors, directly or indirectly.

Riders on club events are reminded that it is their own personal responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance, their motor bikes are road legal, they obey all traffic signs and road markings and at all times give due consideration to all other road users, pedestrians, the weather and road conditions at that time.

Before any ride-outs there will be a short  briefing at the beginning of a ride  regarding the route to be taken,  pickup points for other members, general plan for the day and who the lead rider and back markers are.

Group riding guidelines have been developed and are published on this site as well as conveyed to riders on each club ride out. Please take the time to read the guidelines on the website.

It is stressed to all riders that individual actions, such as unnecessary or dangerous overtaking/undertaking manoeuvres, speeding or other illegal or unnecessary activity taken by a rider during these events will not be acceptable,

This simple but necessary approach will ensure that we all ride within our personal capabilities safely and without unnecessary pressure from other riders. And ultimately lead to an enjoyable day out for all.


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